New and “Gently Used” Designer Office Furniture is Very, Very, NICE!
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Reception Areas

Modern reception desks available priced over 60% Below Retail.  Very stylish and offered at a great price,
Modern & Stylish
These reception desks are absolutely gorgeous and feauture extensive storage and drawer areas. (Brand new in manufacturer's boxes). We recommend professional assembly.

Conference Tables

Preview our selection of conference tables to include modern, classy, elegant and just outright gorgeous as well.
Executive Conference Tables
Select from Executive Conference Tables either NEW or FLOOR MODELS! These tables were overstock from a military project to furnish high-ranking military offices. They are soooo nice!

Italian Leather Office Chairs

Modern Italian Leather Office Chairs retail for a “pricey” $650 ea, but you can enjoy our liquidation prices at just $200 ea.
30 Chairs In Stock Now!
These chairs are not only modern and stylish, but they are also ergonomic. Additional savings make these chairs a super deal priced at 66% BELOW RETAIL!

Executive Desk Suites

Beautify your office with these high-end modern desk suites without even putting a dent in your wallet.  Retail Prices range from $2,600 – $5,800 but after our Blowout Prices, you pay just $800 – $2,000.
Executive Desk Suite
Designer desks are well made and are brand new and still in original packaging from the manufacture. (Professional assembly recommended).

Exotic ``Sompanelli`` Wood Credenza

If you have a hidden “wild side”, you may enjoy this beautiful exotic credenza.  Retail value $4,600.00 and being sold for $2,300.00.
Exotic ``Naturally Striped`` wood
Great for offices, but the look is so modern and stylish it would easily blend right into your personal home.

Executive Lobby Seating

High-quality upscale furniture is brand new (still boxed from manufacturer).  Sets come in multiple styles and veneer finishes.  (Limited Quantity).
Italian Leather Lobby Furniture
Lobby seating is perfect for upscale lobby areas to include lawyer's offices, real estate companies, and even home offices.
Chair for $28?

Which 28 would you pay for this chair?… 


Twenty-Eight dollars… Well of Course


Well how about $2,800?..Ok, but that’s my highest!


. C’mon just a little higher, how about $28,000 ,,,. No!, that’s just TOO MUCH!


Ok, but you may be being a little bit “thrifty”.  In 2009 at a Christie’s Auction, this chair sold for a whopping $28 MILLION Dollars!








The US LOVES Chairs!…. YES! 


Each year US companies purchase:
16.5 Million Chairs .
4.5 Million Tables . 
11 Million File Cabinets & 3 Million Desks…



Library... Shhhh!

Feel the NEED to READ?


The Library of Congress has over 147 Million items on  approximately 838 miles of bookshelves… 
Hhhmm…  I wonder what the librarian makes per year???



Rock On!

Rock On, Dennis…  Rock On


Dennis Easterling set a record by rocking for an incredible 480 HRS!   WOW!
Darwin's Chair???

Evolution AND Office Chairs??? 


Charles Darwin, English naturalist, geologist and biologist, best known for his contributions to the science of evolution, was also the… Creator of the Office Chair???   
That’s Right!  He added wheels to the bottom of his chair so he could move around his study quicker.




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