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Work Out Time!

Get to work on the most important piece of equipment you own,  Get to work on YOU!  We can help, with great deals on treadmills & ellipticals.
Gym Equipment
Currently we have a small selection of gym equipment to include 5 elipticals, 3 tread machines, and 4 weight lifting stations.

Commercial Pallet Jacks

Commercial pallet jacks are available at up to 50% Below Retail.  Heavy Duty Commercial quality pallet jacks on sale now!
Pallet Jacks
Pallet jacks sale - Super deals up to 50% Below Retail

Warehouse Forklifts

We have 2 warehouse forklifts available and they are priced to MOVE!  Give us a call if you need a small forklift.
Manual Warehouse Forklift
Currently we have 2 small manual warehouse forkifts . We are ready to make great deals on these so call now.

Engine Hoist

Heavy Duty engine hoist is a super saver deal at just $700.  Heavy duty hoists retail new at over $1,200!
Engine Hoist
Good used Engine Hoist in excellent condition. RETAIL PRICE $1,200 JH BLOWOUT PRICE Just $700

Diesel Generator

Here’s a deal on a good used 5.5kw diesel generator.  Retail Price $3,400 JH Blowouts price just $1,200
Diesel Generator 5.5 kw
Low voltage 5100 - 6000 Max Output Summit Genarator. Rated Power = 5.5kw and Frequency 60 hz. Silent operation
Used but in good condition.

Work Bench

Sturdy work bench available at a JH BLOWOUTS super saver price of $75
Durable Work Bench
Garage/work bench for blowout sale JUST $75 . Sturdy construction (used but in good condition)

Any Question?

Cosmo $$$$

Cosmopolitan Hotel claimed to be the most expensive building in the US???


Cosmopolitan has been said to at one point have likely been the most expensive building in the United States.  The mega hotel was built at a cost of a whopping $3.90 BILLION dollars in 2010.  In 2017 the super luxurious hotel invested over 100 MILLION dollars to update the hotel with chic stylish rooms including service Ipads, 65″ TV’s, and ultra modern furniture.   


World’s First Gym Equipment???


Introducing the “Gymnasticon”


Francis Lowndes invented an early exercise machine resembling a stationary bicycle in 1796.  The function was to exercise joints in all parts of the body at one time..  
Lots of Bricks

Empire State Building!

The Empire State Building was constructed in 1930 and was a MAMMOTH undertaking.  The exterior was composed of 200,000 cubic feet of Indiana limestone/granite, 730 tons of aluminum/stainless steel and over 10,000,000.00 BRICKS! 

Olympic Architects???


Did you know Architecture was once an Olympic Sport???  The first architecture competition was held in 1912 at the Stockholm Games.  The competition allowed both Built Work and Speculative Designs to enter as well as designs for town-planning.  The first ever Olympic Gold Medal in architecture was won by Eugene – Edouard Monod and Alphonse Laberriere of Switzerland for their town planning project named Building Plan of a Modern Stadium.  

Old Stones

Old Stones…

French postman Ferdinand Cheval spent 33 years picking up stones while delivering mail on his daily route.  — Not just any stones, mind you, a special type of hardened sandstone molded by time and water into wondrous shapes. 
With these stones he built the fantastical Le Palais Ideal in Hauterives.  The building is considered a prime example of naive art and in 1969 was designated a cultural landmark.  


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