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Audio Visual Equip

Plasma displays, computer projectors, video conferencing systems and so much more.  If you need a great deal on A/V gear give us a call



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Video Monitors

Digital signage monitors are manufactured for constant 24/7 use and can easily display menu boards, company overviews, product info and even sports and cable tv.
Bring it to life...
Digital Signage Monitors bring your message to life. Vivid color displays, touch screen options, high-resolutions, vertical and horizontal displays will raise your marketing to another level and ``bring your words to life``!

Trade Shows

Professional digital signage monitors to include 4K, Ultra HD series and 1080P resolution displays.  Sold as sets to include both monitor and flight case.
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Our Selection includes monitors that were rarely used and are truly in ``like new`` condition. Various name brands available.


Lights, Camera Action….  First things first.  You have to have lights!  Check out our large assortment of Stage and Concert lighting.  Large variety of sizes and manufacturers.
Stage Lighting
Hey Guys, Come see our diverse selection of interior and exterior stage lighting. Both new and ``gently used`` lighting is available to fit your budget.
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Need a PRO Microphone?

Different strokes for different folks and the same applies to professional microphones.
A Diamond in the Rough?
Take your art to the next level by adding a professional series microphone. If you have a special one in mind, give us a call.

Flight Cases

Protect your precious A/V gear with professional road/flight cases.  Heavy Duty insulated cases are heavily insulated and waterproof to ensure your gear is SAFE!
Equipment Cases
Transporting gear can cause damage and loss without the use of professional road/flight cases. We have a select amount of cases both new and used to protect your A/V gear.
Mic for $20K

One of the World’s most “Expensive” Microphones….  JUST $20,000.00


One of the most expensive microphones in the world today is an original Telefunken U 47 tube microphone. It is offered from a vendor in Moscow, Russian Federation. This is one of the originally released products that hit the market in 1947. Although it was replaced by the superior performing U 67 in 1960, this mic bears significance as a highly prized collector’s piece. The vintage Telefunken U 47 has been gaining in value in the collector’s market as an investment piece because it comes with all of its original components in working order, and the numbers of the examples available are increasing in rarity.


Best Seller Goes to…


The harmonica is the world’s best selling musical instrument.  Harmonicas originated in the early 1800s in Europe.  They gained popularity in the 1920s in the U.S. and by 1986 popular harmonica maker Hohner had produced over 1 billion harmonicas.  The World LOVES THEM!   

Guitar 2.7 MILLION!

Reach out to Asia, 2005…


Fender “Reach Out to Asia” Stratocaster – €2.3 million 

Most guitars that sell for astronomical prices are pre-owned but that is not the case for the most expensive guitar ever sold.  It was, however, signed by many., Mick Jagger, Eric Clapton, Bryan Adams, Paul McCartney and fifteen other rock stars signed this Fender Stratocaster in order to make it a desirable and highly valuable as well. They did so for good reason: to raise as much money as possible for the victims of the 2004 Tsunami in Asia. And it worked! The white Stratocaster, manufactured for about € 17,000, was auctioned for € 2.3 million making it the most expensive guitar ever sold.

1st Jazz Band

First Jazz Band


The Original Dixieland Jazz Band was the first ever music band which first recorded a song in 1916. Their “Livery Stable Blues” became the first jazz single ever issued

Fender Couldn't Play???

Fender Couldn’t Play….   NOPE!


Leo Fender wasn’t a guitarist, and legend says he didn’t know how to tune a guitar either. This obviously didn’t deter him from creating the most popular electric guitars in the world.

He wasn’t, however, entirely unaccomplished with playing musical instruments. He became interested in music during grammar school and took piano lessons, but switched to saxophone.

His interest in sax didn’t last long, though, as his affinity for radio and electronics took precedence.



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